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"But I'm a tea Jenny!"

Doing events in the UK we often hear of people's love of tea. Often apologetically we get "Oh I'm a tea jenny!" But you can't drink coffee all the time! So occasionally in this blog we're going to recommend alternative beverages. This week we've really been enjoying goodies from Kent Tea Company.

We don't sell tea but we do have a recommendation for those among us who don't drink coffee. Kent & Sussex Tea company. They have an amazing selection which is often really inexpensive, especially if you go for the loose stuff.

You can pick up a tea strainer for a couple of quid on Amazon/Ebay and start experimenting today. We got one that looks like a wee sloth :)

Good blends to start with are the lullaby for bedtime and the cinnamon & plum green tea.

So don't be ashamed of your love of tea. It's a cool thing and there's a lot of variety out there. Drop your favourites in the comments below so we have new things to try at Roasters HQ!

*Kent & Sussex tea company didn't pay for this blog post btw, we just really like their tea.

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