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Normally use instant?

Coffee for beginners

At Pure Roasters, we're all about getting rid of the old pretentious image of specialty coffee.  Below you'll find easy to understand guides on; brewing, grind type, coffee storage and even some wee tips on how to get the most bang for your buck once you've bought your 1st bag of the good stuff.


Can you just add this to a cup?

If you normally use instant coffee then you may be used to just adding a spoonful and stirring. 

While you can't do this with specialty coffee, you can prepare it pretty much as quickly using either a cafetiere or a dripper.

Just remember to order medium ground coffee to start with!


What grind type do I need?

Our Medium ground suits most but if you use an espresso machine we recommend either ordering a fine grind or grinding your own beans.  

The guide picture shows ideal grind sizes.  If you're in doubt just a leave us a note on your order with your machine type and we'll make sure you get the right grind.


How much coffee should I use?

If you want to get technical, then 18 grams is usually the ideal amount for a double shot of espresso.

If you're using a pot then it's really personal preference.  We find 2 tablespoons per cup for hot coffee is ideal.  Adjust the amount for your own preference, it's normal in our office to see a cafetiere contain 1 part coffee to 2 parts water.  Whoever said less is more didn't have unlimited freshly roasted coffee.


How long does it last?

There's a lot of conflicting information out there regarding the storage of coffee so we'll keep this as simple as possible:

  • Once the bag is open you want to ideally use your coffee within 6 weeks.

  • If you are unlikely to use your coffee within 6 weeks then keep it in the freezer (not the fridge!) in an airtight bag with the air squeezed out. You can brew coffee from frozen.

  • Beans last longer than grounds. Medium grounds last longer than fine grounds.

  • Pure Roasters coffee has a 1 year best before date on unopened bags.  The fresher the better but stored correctly your coffee wont become unsafe, it just won't taste very nice as it gets older.

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Coffee Time

Other questions we get asked often...

Is your coffee flavoured?  - No, the tasting notes refer to the natural flavour of the beans.  On rare ocassions we will add flavour to seasonal blends, this will be stated clearly on the label.

Does it cost a lot more than instant? - At the time of writing, most specialty coffee works out around the same price or cheaper by the cup than the leading instant brand.

Will this work in my bean to cup machine?  - Yes, just order beans when you are ordering from the webstore or subscribing.

Anything else you need to know please check our FAQ or send us a message on socials.  We're always happy to help. x

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