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According to the Scots language dictionary 'jenny' can be used to describe 'a lot of'. So a tea jenny is someone who drinks a lot of tea.


Almost every farmer's market we attended we'd meet at least one person who said "Oh I'm a tea jenny!"  We started asking this underground movement of tea jennys what they wanted in the perfect cuppa and set about creating the perfect blend.  This tea is made to be a treat. A reward after a long day or preparation for a busy day ahead.  We've used a double dose of the highest quality blended Kenyan and Assam teas to create a really strong cuppa that remains full bodied and sweet no matter how long you like to steep your bag.


The pyramid bags are completely plastic free so please feel free to throw these away with your food waste.


These teabags are made extra strong so can make a pot for up to 3 cups.  Feel free to make 45 cups per bag or 15 really strong ones depending on your preferred strength.


15 x Pyramid bags

Tea Jenny - Strong Luxury Tea

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