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Good news, Bolt has been down the gym and got it's caffeine back!  We finally foundy a strong enough ethical bean* to match the flavour profile so you still get the full bodied earthy taste but have an extra dollop of power on the side.  


Bolt - (scot's slang - To depart with extreme haste)


This blend is the 'evil twin' to our morning mate 'Patter Watter'. Retaining the fruit flavours and sky high caffeine content but roasted darker for those of us who like an intense cup of the good stuff.


*we used to use an Indian robusta in this blend to give it strength but removed it when we couldn't verify the ethical origin, we have now found a vietnamese robusta that packs the same punch and tastes delicious.

Bolt - Bold & Earthy Roast

  • Once ground we recommend you seal the bag and keep it in the freezer.  Coffee can be made from frozen and more flavour will be kept if you store it this way.

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