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(Scots Slang - liquid which encourages vibrant discussion)

The Smooth Strong One

Much like the stoic Scotsman this blend is mellow in flavour and smooth on the tongue but bubbles with vibrancy behind the scenes as the caffeine content remains as high as the more intense Pure Roasters blends.



Patter Watter – Tasting Notes


Aroma – Molasses , Grapefruit


Flavour – Coconut, Black Tea, Dark Honey


Body – sharp, intense, slightly astringent linger


Finish - creamy toffee


Roast – Light/Medium Roast Rwandan, Sumatran & Peruvian Arabica



Patter Watter - High Caffeine Light Roast

  • Once ground we recommend you seal the bag and keep it in the freezer.  Coffee can be made from frozen and more flavour will be kept if you store it this way.

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