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Why use Subbly for our subscriptions?

We chose Subbly to run our coffee club above other options due to the control it gives our customers and frankly, because its quite easy to set up!

How do the subscriptions work?

Each type of subscription we create has a unique link. you can further customise the options by adding survey questions and delivery options. e.g subs can be marked as a gift and paid for by the gift-er

How do we price our coffee subscriptions?

We keep pricing as simple as possible by incorporating the delivery cost into a reduced rate for our coffees. Customers receive further discounts when ordering larger amounts with our highest sub being 5Kgs delivered each week!

Subscriptions and freedom -

Our coffee club subscription starts as low as £9 per month. There's no minimum term and generally we will offer a free gift with the 1st order.

Thinking of starting a subscription box yourself?

Check out the different options available on Subbly. You can start off really simple with minimal monthly outlay and just one product or go full tilt with a custom domain and several product SKUs. We've been using the platform for close to 2 years now and the support has been excellent.

One feature we like but have yet to make use of is that Subbly offer pre-designed templates so you don't need to be a web designer to get a nice looking site.

Our Vision for Pure Roasters Coffee Club

We're expecting a busy end of year with people buying gifts for Xmas so we will be growing the options available to include new gifting options and a dedicated domain purely for our subscription customers.


There's an emerging trend of specialty coffee interest in Scotland. We're using this knowledge to build a service that keeps coffee aficionados topped while also catering to newbie to the coffee world.

If you want to learn more about Subbly click here

If you want to learn about Pure Roasters Coffee Club all the info is here

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