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Is your old man worth 20 quid?


Buy both the seasonal Old Da AND Nippy Sweety microbatches and we'll throw in a free cup.


Box contains:

250g bag of Yer Old Da

250g Bag of Nippy Sweety Whisky Beer cask-aged coffee

Branded bamboo cup, postcard and stickers


Please note, coffee will be shipped in a nice box but in order to reduce packaging we need to apply a mail sticker to the underside of the box.  If presentation is important to you we recommend gifting this after removing from a box that has gone through the UK mail system.


Old da - A strong cup of coffee in flavour and caffeine.

Nippy Sweety - the 9th batch of our sell-out series of cask aged coffees.  This one compbibes Overtone beer, Glen Moray Whisky and Vietnamese coffee.

Sweet Old Dad Box

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