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Patter Watter

High Caffeine light roast.  Guaranteed to wake you up!



  • Patter Watter Tasting Notes

    Patter Watter – Tasting Notes


    Aroma – Molasses , Grapefruit


    Flavour – Coconut, Black Tea, Dark Honey


    Body – sharp, intense, slightly astringent linger


    Finish - creamy toffee


    Roast – Medium Roast Rwandan, Sumatran & Peruvian Arabica


    “Patter Watter” - definition - “Liquid which encourages vibrant discussions.”



    This medium roast blend of Rwandan, Sumatran and Peruvian Arabica beans offers burnt sugar aromas with a sharp grapefruit tang that give way to dark honey and black tea, simultaneously sharp and robust, settling on the tongue as a full bodied and mellow toffee flavour with smooth almost creamy presence. Perfect morning coffee.

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