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Sometimes we really like a coffee but it's simply too weird to be included in our regular line-up.


Introducing - ORIGINS!  A range of limited single origin coffees with unusual characteristics to satisfy your inner coffee snob.


1st up, we have a lovely Honduran coffee...Because sometimes you just need honners.


Coffee/Farm - Norma Iris Fiallos Calidonio

Cupping Score - 85.25

Cupping Profile - Limoncello and zesty orange with a butter walnut cream body

Altitude Grown - 1300

Process - Natural

Location - Corquin, Copan

Varietal - Parainema & Lempira


Subscribers to our coffee club will automatically get these micro-batch blends when you select "Just Send the Freshest" upon signing up.


Origins Range - Honduras 1

  • Once ground we recommend you seal the bag and keep it in the freezer.  Coffee can be made from frozen and more flavour will be kept if you store it this way.

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