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What is the best way to shop during lockdown?

One positive we are seeing during the COVID-19 crisis is that people are changing how they shop. With more people ordering home delivery groceries and scrutinizing where their produce comes from, we thought we'd make a list of the best of the west (of Scotland) places to get your supplies:

Local to Dumbarton/Glasgow/Helensburgh/Clydebank

Made Guid - Free delivery to G82/G83 postcodes and pick up - we love this store. The focus is on sustainability and reducing waste. They do weigh n pay groceries, earth friendly toiletries and gifts among many other cool quirky things. Great supporter of local makers.

McLays foods - As close as you'll get to an all in one solution without hitting the supermarkets. These guys do Butcher meat, fresh fruit n veg packs and lots of other pantry items. Family run and free deliveries over £30

Home Fresh - Fruit and Veg boxes with an ever expanding range of extras (Including coffee ;))

Premier Produce - Fruit veg, bread, cheese and milk delivered. Glasgow based

The Gingerbread Man - great range of baked goods delivered. Also they are kindly selling pantry items like pasta, flour and the much sought after yeast! Helensburgh based bakery.

Locavore - Veg boxes delivered, based in Glasgow. At time of writing too busy for new customers but worth checking out


Lennox Brewery- handcrafted beer, free local deliveries in Dumbarton & Helensburgh

Moore's Milk - milk, orange and apple juice deliveries - 25% discount for two months

Sparkingly Sober - A range of drinks hampers with and without alcohol

Paisley Drinks - More than just soda, this company is doing good things by forming a collective with other local suppliers. Currently they have their own brand Soda, Glasgow Cola, Pure Roasters Coffee, Pakora Explorer and Nut Shack Nuts. I hear there are plans to add even more.

Middle Way- Naturally brewed soft drinks delivered direct by courier. Healthier drinks in unusual flavours and the company is run by the 2 nicest people you could meet.

The Big Guns!

The biggest delivery service in the world, good for bulk buys and using this link you automatically donate 0.5% of the purchase price at no extra cost.

Supermarkets - Get everything in one place but be prepared to wait for delivery or queue for pick-up while observing social distancing.

Innis & Gunn - Tasty barrel aged beers and 10% off for new customers.

Others local suppliers you might want to check out:

This article in the Scotsman gives some other more unusual suppliers coming out of Paisley

Can you add any?

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